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Heroic Gul'dan

Rhaine a posted Apr 3, 17

It was time for us to face Gul'dan and after spending some time perfecting the tactic, he finally went down.

Well done, everyone! Nighthold Heroic is now cleared!

Due to some circumstances we weren't able to do progress for a couple of weeks, but tonight we finally got the chance to go in and give Grand Magistrix a try - and down she went! Gul'dan - you're next!

(We also killed Botanist two weeks ago, but since I was absent I have no screenshot to share of that kill.)

Well done, everyone!

A new raid reset, and two new bosses downed; Heroic Tichondrius and Heroic Star Augur Etraeus.

Well done, everyone!

Sorry about the crappy screenshot... 

After some unsuccessful attempts on Heroic Tichondrius, we decided to regroup and try something different. Approaching Spellblade Aluriel we tried a couple of different approaches, and eventually it clicked - and down she went!

Well done, everyone!

We went in to face Gul'dan tonight, and made him pay for all that he has done. And with that, normal Nighthold is cleared.

After that we ventured into Heroic, and killed four of the bosses; Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax and Krosus.

Well done, everyone!

Rhaine a You'd almost think I'd photoshopped them in there :d
Chin Zhu I kinda like the way Gug seems to random pop unto the pictures somehow and Coraax being consistantly the same in all of ...
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