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After struggling on Coven of Shivarra for some time, we finally killed them last week, continued straight onto and killed Aggramar - and last night it was time for us to face down Argus himself. It took us a few tries to perfect our tactic, but once we did he was dead. The Unmaker has been unmade!

Well done, everyone! And congratulations on your pink-feathered birds!

Despite struggling with the attendance and real life boss, the guild has pushed forward in Heroic Tomb of Sargeras, and now only has Kil'jaeden left. Well done, everyone. Nearly there!

Last night we had enough people despite the summer holidays to go in and give Heroic Demonic Inquisition a try. A little while later they went down. Well done, everyone!

Tonight we went back in to work on Kil'jaeden and not much later he went down, meaning that normal Tomb of Sargeras has now been cleared.

Continuing on we changed to Heroic and killed Goroth and Harjatan, but struggled on Mistress due to lack of healers. She'll meet her demise soon though.

Well done everyone, and congratulations to those who got some new gear pieces!

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Heroic Gul'dan

Rhaine a posted Apr 3, 17

It was time for us to face Gul'dan and after spending some time perfecting the tactic, he finally went down.

Well done, everyone! Nighthold Heroic is now cleared!

Raid Progress
Uldir: 100%
Battle of Dazar'alor: 44%
Crucible of Storms: 0%